Monday, January 27, 2020

Thanksgiving Week

The boys left Sunday, November 24th to go skiing for a few days in Steamboat Springs. They took the camper and stayed at a campground nearby. And rode the bus to the resort each day.

 Living the life. 

 We discovered that trip that Spencer needed new glasses. He was having a very hard time seeing. They were all excited to be together. Unfortunately, Justin took a hard fall going fast and separated his shoulder. He was in a lot of pain.

The girls and I had fun here. We had the Serra boys over to play. We went to Bounce City at the mall and loved that.

 Watched Mary Poppins and had ice cream.
Fun to be together. 

The Chlarsons came to town for Thanksgiving and it was fun to be together with them.

On Thanksgiving the boys wanted to do a weigh in to see who could eat the most. I did not participate.

We went a pig show at Willmore Gardens. It was very crowded but entertaining.

We went sledding one afternoon. The boys got some great jumps.

 Sadie overcame her fear of sledding and had a great time. She didn't even mind falling off once.
 Emmaline was a dare devil and loved the speed.

On Friday after Thanksgiving we went downtown to the Giving Machines for the first week in Denver. Pop had a large part to play in bringing them to Denver. He had taken Mayor Hancock out to Salt Lake last year for a tour of Welfare Square and he saw the Giving Machines. He was very impressed and asked if Denver could get those here.   
Lots of prayer and work and they are here!! Our family decided to buy some chickens, a tiger worm for toilets and clean drinking water for people in another country.

 It was SO cold this week. It was hard to even want to be outside. But we tried to walk about the outdoor Christmas market area too.
 We followed up our walking around with a yummy lunch at Taqueria Patzquero where the sophapillas are as big as your head.

 On Saturday night we drove through the Christmas lights at Bandimere Speedway.

 The kids had fun poking their heads out between turns and yelling back at each other.

Freddy, our elf came back on Saturday too!!

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